The universe began as a story…

Once upon a time one way-back day, long ago and far away, before the beginning of time, before the beginning of everything, before there was a beginning, there was a storyteller.

Storytelling is the beginning of everything. Storytellers were our first teachers, artists, philosophers, and priests. Stories told us how to understand the world. Stories are the roots of everything we know – our culture, our philosophy, and our religion.

Stories explained the unexplainable, from how the world was formed, to why the loon has a necklace. Stories provided our first entertainment. And stories brought us together to create our first communities.


Welcome all to the story circle next Friday May 18th at Strong Badger Cafe, 679 Sargent-come and listen starting at 6:30; come and share. Kay Stone will be our host. Brock will serve you excellent coffee and tea, that’s a guarantee.