The Manitoba Storytelling Guild debuted on November 26, 2009. Annual membership is $25.

Our Mandate is

  • To support and promote the art of oral storytelling throughout Manitoba

Our Objectives are

  • To teach workshops and courses in the art of storytelling for all levels
  • To provide mentoring for emerging tellers
  • To actively develop programs such as professional development workshops for use in schools, libraries, and cultural groups;
  • To serve as a directory and referral centre for performing storytellers
  • To sponsor storytelling events
  • To support the gathering of local stories

For the first nomadic peoples who had no written language, storytelling was the only way to pass on knowledge of the world. Storytelling was their history and their science. The first cave paintings are visual records of the stories that were told at that time.

With all the books and recordings available today, all the visual and aural records we now have, stories are more preserved than they have been.

But preserving stories does not keep storytelling alive. Books and movies and CDs do not create communities. They do not bring people together. It is only through storytelling – the interaction of the teller and the audience – that stories live and touch people. What the ear does not hear will not move the heart.

The Manitoba Storytelling Guild is run by a volunteer board of directors

  • Sheila Pinkerton, Chair
  • Constance Faucher
  • Sandra Krahn
  • Rob Malo
  • Sue Proctor
  • Frances Ravinsky

Contact Us

If you have any questions or news about storytelling in Manitoba, please contact us at .