Anne Morton

Anne Morton, having earned degrees in Classics and English, went to work in the Hudson’s Bay Company Archives and learned a lot about the fur trade. After retirement, she went back to school and acquired an M.A. in Theology from the U of W. A native of Winnipeg, she’s also lived in England (London and Oxford) and Ontario (Peterborough, Toronto and Kingston). She was led into storytelling when she heard about Stone Soup from other members of the English country dance group Village Green. Anne likes to tell folk tales, especially English and Irish ones, as well as historical stories, stories from the Bible, and, sometimes, stories from her own life. She also reads Tarot cards, which is another way of telling a story. Anne would like to give special thanks to Mary Louise Chown, Kay Stone and Kelly Hughes for their support of her storytelling.



Telephone: 204-284-2235

Storytelling language: English

Available for booking: Yes, paid or volunteer