Bonface Beti

Bonface Beti is a passionate storyteller, theatre-maker, peacebuilder, trainer and researcher with international experience. He has spent almost a decade utilizing different the artistic approaches including playback theatre, as a tool and space for peacebuilding with communities in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Somalia, South Sudan, US and Canada. His work in use of theatre for conflict transformation and youth violence prevention in Africa is featured at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights where he is recognized as one of leading global human rights campaigners. His work in Kenya specifically has included rescuing and rehabilitating street children through performative theatre arts. As a member of the renowned, Amani Peoples’ Theatre, Bonface Beti uses playback theatre, forum theatre and theatre of witness among other art forms with individuals and communities caught within cycles of violence to reflect on issues of identity, victimhood, peace and violence in an artistic, non-violent way towards healing, improving relationships and reducing stereotypes. He is current a grad student at the University of Manitoba in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Phone: (204) 698-5076

Storytelling Language(s): English
Preferred Storytelling Audience(s): Children, Young Adult