Karen E. Smith

Karen E. Smith, PhD, is an award-winning professor of literacy education at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MB, Canada where she has taught in the undergraduate and graduate programs for 14 years. Prior to this, she had 23 years experience as: a teacher in both English and French immersion settings K through 12, a school division music coordinator, and a principal. She is the author of over 50 journal articles, 2 children’s books. She has served as managing editor of English Quarterly and provided editorial services for many journals/publication houses. She has held research grants with many foundations and recently has turned her attention to research on creativity and imagination.

Available for bookings in English, paid or volunteer, any audience.

Contact: esmith.karen@gmail.com

Telephone: 204-275-8762

Website:  http://karenesmith.blogspot.ca/