Wayne James

Hi, story telling, in my opinion can be equated to a seed in that the telling of a story is the foundation of culture, the seeding and harvesting of imagination.

    I’m a farmer and live on the farm i grew up on, in 1999 I was hauling chemicals out to the field when I heard a voice in my head say, “here comes Dr. Death”.  I quit chemicals that day and began converting to organic production.  Since that time I have written and presented 5 fringe shows, “Price of admission”, “Human rites”, “You, me, everything else”, “Home”, “Transition”.

     In other new, graduate of University of Winnipeg, (BA theatre), candidate in 2015 federal election, musician, (i believe that music is spirit given form),  producer/director/writer television.

Contact: wayneljames50@gmail.com